Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shoes Galore by BSD

Photographer Nariko Okawa

Many have IM'ed to ask me to reveal the pending shoot. Well, I have the liberty to play with a whole sim, so below is what you get. Designed by Hong Kong designer Babychampagne Sass, BSD offers you 4 different styles of modern "Fashion Icon Boots" at garage sales prices. Now available at Fashion Week! Well, this isn't the end of how the shoot progressed in the end. Your task is to guess how many shoes were destroyed in the process. Haha.

Photographer Nariko Okawa

Product - BSD Design Studio Fashion Icon Boots available now at Fashion Week

Available in 4 different styles: Diamond, Dark Zebra, Dark Coco, White Zebra (comes with fur trimmings for all styles excluded in the shoot)

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