Tuesday, December 31, 2013

By The Lodge

Shot on location at Small Green.

Coming Soon

Monday, December 30, 2013

Kawaii Pink and Purple

Shot on location at Japan Cybercity.

Kawaii Dolls Ningyou Doll Dress
Glam Affair Zara Skin
Mesh hands by Slink
Hair by Wasabi Pills
Shoes by Ryvolter

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My First Video Attempt

Like and Subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwEZ3mUV49c

There are some instances where static poses and SL Photography just doesnt do the outfit or animations justice. So this is my first attempt to show you the amazing work of Warm Clarity from Ghee and also the Cosmopolitan AO by Vista Animations - all in VIDEO! Now I need to know how to upload the HD Version!

Ghee Illusion Dress
Glam Affair Janna Statement Necklace
Legal Insanity Sheldon Sunglasses
Mandala Taper Ears
Dura Hair Boys&Girls49
Mesh Hands by Slink
Bax Regency Boots in Black Suede
Static Poses by Agape
Moving Animations by Vista Animations

Music Credit: Pentatonix

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Silly Avro's Artemis

Shot on location at Skye Neist Point.

Client Work:
Silly Avro (Artemis Inspired)

Congrats to the Artemis inspired outfit by Silly Avro that got her the Champion title for Style Kingdom Magazine's 2nd Public Casting.

To know more about Style Kingdom and future castings that is coming up, visit here: http://www.stylekingdommagazine.com/

Thursday, December 26, 2013



VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE opens its doors for you to come visit its campus and classrooms. In it, you will find the classrooms that students of VISIONAIRE Institute will have their lessons in, a main hall for huge presentations, a long runway for you to walk on, 2 inexpensive studios that will be introduced to the students to teach them how they can take their photographs without buying studios, a bus-stop with application procedures NC, a subscribo for you to subscribe to so that you can be informed of subsequent application periods and also featuring artworks of French illustrator Garance Dore.

A lot of people have been asking about the course details. We sincerely apologise that we can only reveal the course details to successful applicants who are going to start the Certificate of SL Photography course in the coming batch in Jan 2014. However, application entails no payment whatsoever so do apply and we will inform you of the result as soon as we can after the application closes. Course fees are reduced at an introductory rate, so if you are having the passion to take your photography skills to the next level both in SL and RL, apply away!

Application is now open until 10 January 2014, read about it here: http://narikookawa.blogspot.com/2013/12/visionaire-institute-application-now.html

Application procedures can be found at the bus-stop at the above landmark, or here: http://narikookawa.blogspot.com/2013/12/visionaire-institute-application.html

From the VISIONAIRE Institute Team,
Nariko Okawa | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
WrenNoir Cerise | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
Silly Avro | VISIONAIRE Institute | MANAGER

Melusina Parkin | VISIONAIRE Institute | TRAINER


Style Kingdom Certified Casting Outfit 1

I wanted to use different fashion materials to create a hamonious (yet unusual) formal look - metal, fur, cloth, leather, suede, glass and ultra light weight chiffon.

Designers include ISON, AZUL, CoCo, GizzA, Diram, Maitreya, AIR, FineSmith, Chop Zuey, Violator, Bax, Glam Affair, Dura Hair and Emo-tions.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In The Window Display

Shot on location at Mayfair Window Display

Gizza Plaid Formal Dress
Gizza Papillion Set
Glam Affair Lucy Skin
Poses by Isomotion

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shhh Keep The Secret

Original Pic

After very simple Photoshopping of Background

Something is happening and are you able to keep a secret properly? Let the others wait for the big reveal, you can get to know it first.

Come closer.
Let me tell it to you.

Now I have to kill you.

Glam Affair Kaelyn Skin
Mandala Taper Ears
Dura Hair
Amacci Teeth Tattoo
Hands by Slink
Eyes by IKON

Listening to:

Monday, December 23, 2013

The New Yorker

Dura Hair Boys&Girls 49
ISON Raw Hide Vest (available at C88)
ISON Oversized Infinity Scarf (available at C88)
Fendty Shani Minidress in Greyjaded
Mandala Taper Ears
Legal Insanity Sheldon Sunglasses
Skin by theSkinnery (available at Arcade Gacha)
Mesh Hands by Slink
Pose by Isomotion

Liv-Glam GlamGirls Finalist - Silly Avro

Client Work:
Silly Avro

New Ears, New Profile Pic

I am loving my new Mandala ears!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Guess the Items

Mix-and-Match outfit for Zenzibar White and Gold Xmas Party
How many items can you recognise?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Raw Image

To dispel any uncertainties that may have been caused by a Facebook post, this is a RAW pic, taken on location at the Neva River Sim, only a simple crop (aspect ratio remains) and a addition of my credit title. Using a self-created Windlight to bring out the whites, graphic settings on Ultra-High, LOD Vol factor at 10, DOF disabled. Nothing was touched, no overlay of filters, no editing, no liquifying, no brushes applied, no lumipro. 

I hope it answers Ms. Kingmaker's queries about how an Ultra-High quality image from SL official viewer can look like. I wish to also address the issue about Photoshop editing VS. raw pictures straight out of SL viewers. I take pictures on location. So to me, the inverse relationship between the time spent on getting a good raw pic VS. the time spent in photoshop trying to edit out your mistakes is hugely apparent. Many a times, I spend hours on end finding just the right location, and then fixing the right windlight to bring out the right shadows to highlight both the face and the outfit and attachments I am wearing. But for other photographers, shooting in front of a screen is a preferred method. I am not saying whichever method of photoshoot is better off - it is ultimately a personal preference. I just don't like to spend lots of hours in Photoshop cos I suck at it. =P To me, a better raw pic I can get initially means lesser time in photoshop and sometimes, you don't even need to know how to use it to get a picture that you are truly satisfied with. There used to be a time where there are gross black lines when we shoot at high resolutions, having that solved now, raw pics can look just as amazing as fresh out of Photoshop.

Having said that, I've admired photographers who use Photoshop extensively and please teach me how to! I want to learn! Teach me! You know who you are cos I have told you guys before you are my SL photographer idols!

Oh, and sorry Bootney Blessed for interrupting your shoot at the sim!


Boudoir Lust for Life
Glam Affair Elvi Fairy Skin
BAX Regency Patent Leather Boots
Manticore Lynx Pet
Eyes by Ikon

Thursday, December 19, 2013



VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE is the SL pioneer in providing SL Photography Certification, and we dare say that our curriculum is like none other. Classes will be taught by successful, practicing SL photographers who are happy and willing to share their skills and knowledge with you that they had accumulated throughout their photography career in SL and RL.

Classes are conducted in voice in ENGLISH using Skype and will be held once a week throughout 3 months at various times to hopefully suit everyone's schedules. Each class will take approximately 1.5-2 hours. Please ensure you are able to commit throughout the whole period of your course.

You will learn more than the following through 10 lessons including a Final Project that trainees need to pass to graduate:
+ Photographer : Who What When How

+ Graphics and Camera Settings
+ Lighting Techniques
+ Picture Editing
+ SL Photography Assignments
+ SL Photography as a Business
+ Personal Style
(A detailed curriculum will be communicated via contact email to successful applicants)

These classes are ideal for people who want to start out being a SL photographer, bloggers who maybe want to take better looking pictures of the designers they blog for, artists, and basically anyone who wishes to simply just take better photos for themselves. We hope to transform you into a better photographer both in SL and RL and the curriculum is specially crafted to target your RL applicability in taking photographs in general. And we will want to see our graduates as highly qualified new blood in the SL photography scene.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN and do visit http://narikookawa.blogspot.com/2013/12/visionaire-institute-application.html to find out more about how you can apply. 


Included as a requirement for your application is an aptitude exercise to help us successfully place trainees into groups with similar abilities so that instruction is most effective. Groups will consist of no more than 7 trainees of varying, but complimentary, abilities so that students are not only able to learn from their instructors, but one another. There will be more than one group per batch to accommodate different time zones.

As much as we hope to accept everyone, we sincerely apologize in advance that we will not be able to accommodate all applicants at the onset. We will keep all applications on file and make those not accepted into the first batch aware of when subsequent batches are to begin. 

The course will be offered at a special introductory price of L$10,000. 
No priority is given based on the date of application and no payment is required until you have been accepted into VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE.

After submitting your application to VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE, no amendments are allowed to be made. Please do check that the information you have entered in the form is accurate and correct.

Once again, the VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE team thank you for your interest in VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE. Further inquiries can be directed to this email address: visionairesl@gmail.com

Pioneer batch of VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE, see you in class!

Nariko Okawa | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
WrenNoir Cerise | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
Silly Avro | VISIONAIRE Institute | MANAGER

Melusina Parkin | VISIONAIRE Institute | TRAINER

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


After months of planning, VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE proudly announces her course for SL Photography Certification specially crafted for beginner-to-intermediate level SL photography enthusiasts. 

Application procedures and course details will be posted up really soon
Classes to start in 2014.
Keep a close look out!

Special shout-outs to designers at Fanatik, my Wren and Silly for being on skype with me for hours on end, to 'Aboobies' for letting me dance in SL while frantically planning the curriculum, to Pastilla for teaching me how to make my mesh logo, Applefall, My Loft and 22769 for furnishings, to You Xiao for your wonderful scripting and to those who have been waiting for so long for this to happen!

Holiday Greetings from the VISIONAIRE Team,
Nariko Okawa | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
WrenNoir Cerise | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN 
Silly Avro | VISIONAIRE Institute | MANAGER

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Silly Avro Liv-Glam Finalist

Created a clean natural look of Silly for her Liv Glam Finals to show off her emerald green seductive eyes.

Client Work:
Silly Avro

Glam Affair Kaelyn Skin

Pictures are raw and unedited.

Glam Affair Kaelyn Skin (new!)
Gizza Voyage Business Top (new!)
Hair by Wasabi Pills
Pose by Isomotion

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Boudoir Photo Contest 2013

B O U D O I R  Photo Contest Christmas 2013!

We need a new fabulous Christmassy cover photo for our Facebook page!!
Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

1st place: L$5000 Boudoir gift card
2nd place: L$3000 Boudoir gift card
3rd place: L$1000 Boudoir gift card

Contest Rules:
- All photographs must be taken wearing one or more CHRISTMAS Boudoir outfits and accessory!
- You may submit max three photos, SIZE IS DEFINED to 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.
- Photo manipulations allowed, play with your photo as much as you like!
- These photos must be posted to Boudoir's flickr group pool:
- All contest submissions must be named:
   Your Name - B O U D O I R  Photo Contest Christmas 2013
So for example,  my entry would  be titled "Vitabela Dubrovna -B O U D O I R  Photo Contest Christmas 2013 "
- Deadline to submit entries to Flickr site: December 17th
- Winners will be announced on 18th December 2013 in the group and on facebook page, where we will make album with all submitted pictures!
If you have any questions please contact Vitabela Dubrovna or Precious Restless!
We look forward to seeing your pictures!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

JJ Ragu

Client Work:
JJ26 Ragu

Silly Avro - CHAMPION Style Kingdom 2nd Public Casting

Client Work:  
Silly Avro

Congratulations, Silly!

Glam Affair + ISON @ C88

New releases from Glam Affair and ISON @C88!

Glam Affair Mokatana Skin in America (New @C88)
ISON Raw Hide Vest (New @C88)
Gabriel Key Necklace @ J&A Expo 
Pose by IsoMotion
Hair by Emo-tions 

Sunday, December 8, 2013



  1. Fill in this online application form http://bit.ly/18y5ucy You must include the links for the aptitude exercise.
  2. You may wish to include your 3 photographs in our Flickr Group http://www.flickr.com/groups/visionaireapply Please rename your title as "VISIONAIRE APPLICATION - [Name] - Photograph 1/2/3". If you wish to tell us just a little something about the photograph, you may do so in the description.
  3. You are done! 

Application results will be notified via your contact email and applicants who can start in the next available batch will also receive an in-world notecard with further detailed instructions.

Any questions or further inquiries can be directed to visionairesl@gmail.com

We thank you for your interest in VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE.


From the VISIONAIRE Institute Team,
Nariko Okawa | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
WrenNoir Cerise | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
Silly Avro | VISIONAIRE Institute | MANAGER

Melusina Parkin | VISIONAIRE Institute | TRAINER

What Are Your Dreams Made Of

what are YOUR DREAMS made of?

Fanatik Architecture Era
Home Accessories by Applefall

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Miamai Blacklabel Collection

Conceptualized by Monica Outlander, developed and built by Faust Steamer and Pill Kanto and modelled by Amita Yorcliffe, Anna Sapphire, AnnaG Pfeffer, Caoimhe Lionheart, Carley Benazzi, Dragonia DeCuir, Tania Tebaldi, Zaara123, the Miamai Blacklabel Fashion Show (or should I say Fashion Journey) brought wayfarers through 4 different amazing performing stages. Most amazing display ever and we got to wear a robot outfit that is totally cool but I must say the full sim is worse than waiting for an Iphone 5s Gold Edition - however, worth ever bit of the wait!

Miamai Titania Headpiece in Black
Pose by Slouch

Friday, December 6, 2013

What Goes On Behind The Scene

I don't think people truly understand how SL photographers work behind the scenes.
While you pose and do basically nothing, we cam around, set windlights, set LOD, set camera focal length, check your eyes, move you around, rotate you, take snapshots, take more snapshots, set windlight, check shadows, take snapshots - accumulating about 100 images just for one shot, check all of them one by one. Well, if you forget, our settings are all on ultra high with LOD factor 5 so crappy meshes appears right, but we suffer huge laggy movements and every click now moves by 5000m, but the designer sure doesn't bother about this, because they can go grab a coffee, or hell, have sex while this whole shoot is going on.

After that, I spend all the remaining time in Photoshop (while the models or the designer can sit back and relax) trying to layer many of the 100 layers so that the picture is what I want it to be, making sure every skin texture is not altered and touched, no jagged edges, manually retexture the eyes, skin, nose, face and hair strand by strand. I do not use blur, only smart sharpen. Then I go back the many layers to adjust each and every one until I find the right combination to the picture brightness and shadows I want, go back and retexture more hair and eyes and stand back from the computer to see if anything if weirdly jutting out, smart sharpen again, add in the slightest amount of light that most probably you wouldn't even notice. Zoom in 300% to make sure the edges are crisp, retexture, go back to raw shows of skin in different windlights previously taken to make sure clothes and skin looks exactly the way SL will display them should you be in CalWL. Retexture again. Go look for or make photoshop brushes, look through my photoshop actions. Blur 2cm of the wall. Sharpen eyes. Sharpen things. Dodge. And then crop to the size I want before you looking at them on Flickr.

Yet people think I am not worth the Ls for the time I've put in. The full 8 hours of it. 
Designers need to realise that we only get paid once while you sell your textured mesh or skins over and over again, you can walk away and the vendors still sell but we have to be physically around to be able to make things work. If we (photographers and models alike) don't deserve the money, or you think we can't pay, DIY. You textured the skin, I am sure you can also take your own pictures, can't you?

There's only one thing to finally say to this certain skin designer, "Thank you, I love you. Loads."
Because I need to find my eyeballs that just dropped on the floor after all the computer-ing.

Actually there's another thing I want to say to them, "If you can't pay, don't tell me its urgent. Nothing is urgent." If it's urgent because you need them for a publication, you PAY. That is the only logical way for me to exchange my time for the time I had to put into the work that YOU had to do but failed to do so yourself.

NOTHING is more urgent than my sleep compared to the Ls you pay me.

That's why I love blogging for designers. I approach each and every one of the designers I have previously blogged for, many a times, with many many NCs. I'll rather be taking pics of their products than to be paid less than peanuts for my time.

Peace out. 

Update: Apparently it happens in RL too!
People of the world, you've really got to stop~ 

How Can I Have More Shoes

ChicZafari Charol Ultra Stiletos (out soon!)
Glam Affair Lucy Skin
Hair by D!va
Lingerie by Blacklace 
Pose by Corpus

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Its December!


Boudoir Baby It's Cold Outside
Boudoir Christmas Holly Wreath
Dura Hair Boys&Girls 49
Lanevo Hairbase for Dura
Glam Affair Lucy Skin
BAX Regency Leather Boots
Earrings by Finesmith
Pose by IsoMotion and Agape

Shot on location at Boudoir Mainstore. 

By The Window

DURA HAIR Boys&Girls 49 (new!)
AZUL Group Gift Dec
ISON Pointy Strap Heel
ABISS La Epica Prefab Building