Saturday, November 30, 2013

Open For Clients

- Open For Clients -

Calling all designers and models.

Send me a NC in-world, please include your name in the  NC and what kind of shoot you are looking for. If there is a urgent deadline, please do include that as well. I will try my best to accomodate your shoot request. You will receive a reply NC and a rate chart after that - which includes instructions.

I apologise if I am unable to match the time slots that you are available for in any way.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Butterfly Attack

Glam Affair Gemma Skin (NEW! available at The Arcade Gacha)
Gizza Papillon Eyes Accesories
Gizza Papillion Necklace
Dura Hair Girl 48
Gizza The Runway Perfect Hunt Gift
Pose by Isomotion

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Evil Twins

LpD White Orchid
Glam Affair Lucy Skin
Glam Affair Victoria Earrings
Hair by D!va

In House:
Coming Soon

Nariko Okawa in Blade and Soul Open Beta

Are they all so cute?


I tried my very best to create her as much as how Nariko looks in SL~
Took 2 hours.
If you are in the open beta, add me 'NarikoOkawa'.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And It Starts

With both SL and BnS, I won't have time for anything else in the world.
Yes, sleep included.


Glam Affair Gemma

Glam Affair Genma for The Arcade Gacha Event

Shot on Location

Shot on Location @ Autumn Dreams Cottage

On Her:
GIZZA GeekChic Style
GIZZA Mesh Clutch Bag
DURA Boys&Girls 40

On Him:
ISON Embossed Sweatshirt for Men
DURA Boy 26
Hoorenbeek Moody Sunglasses
Skin by Nivaro
At Location:
[Poetica] Oak Cottage
[AF] FACETT Dining Table
{af} Hans A. Wegner Inspired Wishbone {Mist}
[AF] VOGUE Frame
{af} O. Vermaercke Sideboard

On Tables:
MudHoney Priya Plates
MudHoney Priya Rock Placemat
MudHoney Silver Candle Large
MudHoney Creamy Caramel Pumpkin Candle
MudHoney Priya Serving Bowls
Dutchie candle 3
[AG] Flat Ivy Patch Light Green COPY
[AG] Yellow Roses with Realistic-sized Baby's Breath
The Loft - Twig Vase
The Loft - Television
.:: ONE GRID ::. Mesh Candle in Jar Red

Pool Side

The moment I saw this pool that comes with great textures by Abiss Design, I know I had to do a shoot there, immediately.

Pool at Abiss Design
Skin by Glam Affair
Hair by Lelutka
Swimsuit by Drift
Sunglasses by Legal Insanity
Nails - Model's Own
Bangle by MG
Pose by Corpus

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Miss Shopping

I miss shopping so badly.
Curse the person who hacked my account. 
May your nose rot and drop off!

Skin by Glam Affair
Dura Hair Emo 07
Loovus Dzevavor Who You Dress (available at SIF2013)
N-Core Addiction Shoes
Bags on left hand: Gizza
Bag on right hand: ISON

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas White

AZUL Francesca in Pearl
Glam Affair Lulu Skin
Tableau Vivant LL 1/2 Gloves
Boudoir Madam Pompadour Hair
LPD Makeup - Steam Cloud
Tableau Vivant Makeup
Pose by Agape

Prisilla Silly Avro

♥ Prisilla "Silly" Avro ♥

Lost in Woods

Finesmith Yulia Gown
Glam Affair Zara Skin
Hair by Wasabi Pills
Pose by Del May

Sexy Dress

Drift Sexy Lil Dress Glitter
Glam Affair Skin
Bauwerk House by 22769
hair by Wasabi Pills

Sweater and Kilt

Legal Insanity Duccio Wool Sweater
Legal Insanity Connor Kilt Tartan
Dura Hair Boy 44
Gizza Worker Boots
Gizza Aviator Sunglasses

Back To School

I am thinking... ... How many of you would like me to conduct SL Photography lessons through my Youtube channel? Comment on my flickr if you would like me to do so.

Stylecard (on Her):
ISON Embossed Sweatshirt
Dura Hair Girl 37
Glam Affair Zara Skin
Pants by Maitreya
Eyewear by Adjunct

Stylecard (on Him):
ISON Man Embossed Sweatshirt
Dura Hair Boy 44
Tableau Vivant Zaaf Pants
Skin by Nivaro
Eyewear by Adjunct

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Who Says Military Is Only For The Guys

Gizza Dropped Collar Jacket
Gizza Mini Leather Skirt
Gizza Cadet Couture Cap
Bax Regency Leather Thigh-High Boots
Skin by Glam Affair
Pose by Del May

Sweater Dress for the Snow

Gabriel Sweater Dress
Zara Skin by Glam Affair
Hair by Wasabi Pills
Pants by Maitreya

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Military Men

Gizza Aviator Sunglasses
Gizza Cadet Couture Cap
Gizza Military Pants
Gizza Vintage Aviator Jacket
Gizza Worker Boots
Dura Lanevo Hairbase
Skin by Nivaro

Biker Chic

I don't know if the animated GIF is working~
First time trying it.

Stylecard (Left):
Gizza Lisha Boots
Gizza Vintage Leather Jacket Blue
Gizza Leather Cargo Plum
Glam Affair Zara Skin
Hair by Magika
Basic Pushup Bra by Color Me HOF

Stylecard (Right):
Gizza Lisha Boots
Gizza Leather Cargo Olive
Gizza Vintage Leather Jacket Dirty
Dura Hair Boy 35
Glam Affair Zara Skin
Mandala Ero-Sensei Necklace Leather Long
Gizza V-Neck White T-Shirt
Amarelo Manga Rhamona Sunglasses
Tea.S Pyramid Ring Onyx


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Theatre Night

Since I can't go to theatre in RL, I am going to go in SL!

Glam Affair Zara Skin
Vive Nine Lola Dress
Ryvolter Malin Thigh High Boots (available now at Shoetopia!)
Ryvolter Mink Princess Stole
Dura Hair Girl 51
Chop Zuey Paparazzi III Rd Choker Necklace (w/ Drop)
Eyeliner by Glam Affair
Pose by Agape 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Dream One Day ... ...

One day, I dream I will appear on Mandala's ad. So, I quit dreaming and made one for myself.

=) Love,

Mandala Ero Sensei Necklace
Mandala Piercings
Glam Affair Zara Skin
Magika Aina Hair
Glam Affair Eyeliner


Monday, November 18, 2013

It Is Cold Already

Photogapher Nariko Okawa
Model Nariko Okawa

Show is falling and please do keep warm!

Boudoir Jingle Belle
Glam Affair Zara Skin
BAX Regency Boots available at Shoetopia
ISON Leighton hair
Glam Affair Colourful Eyeliner
Violator Lashes

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas is Round the Corner!

Photographer Nariko Okawa
Model Nariko Okawa

I cannot believe Christmas is just slightly more than a month away and I am not done with Xmas gift shopping yet!

Can I pass anyone my shopping list?


ISON Metal Plate Bootie available at Shoetopia
ISON Ruby Hair (was) available at Hair Fair
ISON Vipera Watch
Glam Affair Zara Skin
Glam Affair lashes
BAX Soft Shine Pantyhose
Socks by Maitreya
Pose by Agape


Ballet Shoes

Photographer Nariko Okawa
Model Nariko Okawa

Dancers are the athletes of God.
 - Albert Einstein - 

Glam Affair Vanity Feet Ballerina available at Shoetopia
Pose by Slouch



Saturday, November 16, 2013

Earth Tones

Photographer Nariko Okawa
Model Nariko Okawa as Zentaro Okawa

Gabriel Shirt and Cardigan in Khaki&Black
Legal Insanity Tyler Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue
Dura Hair Boy 42 in Dark Brown
Lanevo MC Hairbase Buzzcut in Dura-Dark Brown
Skin by Nivaro  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Boots Orgasm

Photographer Nariko Okawa
Model Nariko Okawa

Today is the time to tell you guys about the BAX Regency Patent Leather Boots that is going to be released specially for Shoetopia coming this Friday. 

This thigh-high boots is my to-go-to boots for this coming cold winter. They come in a variety of colours - Black Patent, Pink Patent, Red Patent, White Patent and Baby Pink Patent, also in Black-Blue, Black-Mint, Black-Red and Black-White gradient tonal Patent!

Do pop by Shoetopia to give them a good consider. Let me try to do a shoot with Zentaro wearing them to give you a feel of Kazaky~ 

If you do not know who Kazaky is, I used to crazy about their Dsquared2 fashion show appearance for SS/2012 which you may want to watch here: 


BAX Regency Leather Patent Boots in Black - available @ Shoetopia
Skin by Glam Affair
Lingerie by Color.Me.HOF
Hair by Lelutka


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Its Time For ......

Photographer Nariko Okawa
Model Nariko Okawa

Winter is round the corner and it is getting cold cold cold - P.S. Singapore just rains a bit too much, we never have snow or winter, summer 24/7 round the year. 

But if you are in places thats turning really cold fast, remember to keep warm and I am so happy its time for coats and scarfs and leather boots again!

I have to tell you about the Bax Regency Boots - going to be released in patent leather for Shoetopia this coming Friday so stay tuned for that!


Dura Hair Girl 51 in wood bark
Bax Regency Boots in Black Leather
Glam Affair Elvi Skin in America
Glam Affair Colourful Eyeliner
Gizza Trench Coat in black
Drift L'Bow2 in Onyx
Legal Insanity Sheldon Sunglasses
Slink Mesh Hands

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NARIKO is back!

Illustrator: Nariko Okawa aka TwoPaperAeroplanes

Nariko is back and so is my blog:NARIKO OKAWA BLOG

After a really painful departure and curse the person who hacked my SL account and RL bank account, Nariko Okawa is back with a vengence. Please re-invite into blogger groups and I will be back to do blog posts as soon as I figure this whole issue out. And those whom I've not informed in SL and Flickr, please do help spread the word around. Apparently, Facebook also deleted my account because I am seemingly not "real".

P.S. I am really blessed to see everyone and I've missed you all dearly and so much you all cannot imagine~