Thursday, February 27, 2014

Glam Affair Aria + Tableau Vivant Petit

(Above) Raw Unedited Shots
(Below) Natural Edit Shot

Glam Affair Aria Skin Combinations (available soon at The Arcade Gacha Mar 2014)
Tableau Vivant Petit Hair (available soon at The Arcade Gacha Mar 2014)
Gizza Belted Dress

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fashion Pride 2014

Upcoming event where I will be participating in for the first time as a designer.
There is also a Fashion Show happening on March 15 at 10am SLT.
More information will be disclosed as I receive it to keep you guys posted!~

FASHION PRIDE Exclusive Release by 2PA. twopaperaeroplanes
for Fashion Pride Event 2014
(all proceeds will go to AIDS Committee of Toronto during the event)

FASHION PRIDE Second Pride Fashion Fundraiser for AIDS Committee of Toronto
March 10th – March 17th 2014

HIV and AIDS still impact the lives of millions throughout the world today. Its impact in urban areas is often understated publicly, but the effect it has on those it touches profound, transforming lives, destroying health, and devastating families.

Second Pride, the organization that creates Second Life’s largest pride celebration, is holding a fundraiser for AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), to raise funds to increase awareness of the disease, assist those living with HIV, and service the community, while researching its impact on various segments of society.

Fashion Pride is an exciting shopping event that will take place from March 10th through March 17th 2014. It will include fabulous shopping, fashion shows, entertainment and events to raise funds for both the Second Pride main festival in June and ACT.

Marcus Lefevre has generously donated the use of one sim for the Fashion Pride event. We are grateful for his generosity.


Raw shot.
Shot on location at Immersiva.

Coco Doll
Coco Doll SlipDress
Azul Antonella Skirt 

Glam Affair Queen of Roses Silk Emotion
Tram Hair C411
AD Creations Roses Collar 

AD Creations Roses MegaHat 
AD Creations Roses Skirt

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Raw Shot.
Shot on location at Fanatik.

I almost forgot how much I love this building inspired by the movie 'Oblivion' by Fanatik.
Amazing! So I styled something to look like I am one of the characters in the movie itself~

Building - Fanatik Sky Tower
Glam Affair Lucy Skin
Mandala Taper Ears
ISON Nova Tribe Jacket
ISON Zipper Pants
ISON Two Tone Wedge
Necklace by Nyu
Nail Polish by CAE
Pose by Corpus

The Little Red Riding Hood

featuring Glam Affair Aria Skin (in Asia skin tone) for The Arcade Gacha (March 2014)

featuring Gabriel XOXO Necklace available at Love is in the Air event

Monday, February 24, 2014


Raw shot.
Shot on location at Small Town Green.

Shirt : Boudoir Spring Fairy
Chest Attachment : Boudoir Spring Fairy
Skirt : Boudoir Merry Christmas Darling!
Chest Attachment 2 : Boudoir Victorian Ball Gown - Potpourri
Necklace and Head : Gizza Papillion Set
On Neck : Azul Antonella Neckcuff (Colour Edited)
Hair : LoQ Pancake (Edited)
On Head : Boudoir Head Garden 

On Arm : Gizza Rosy Gown Arm Rose
Earrings : Lazuri Classic Pearls Drop Earrings 

Skin : Glam Affair

Black and White

As I gave VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE Trainees homework to do a Black & White Portrait from Strawberry Singh's Meme, how can I not do one myself? Am I right?

theSkinnery Bella Skin
Hair by Lelutka

Friday, February 21, 2014

Style Icon Fashion Show

Style Icon Fair - Runway

WHO: **Zibska** Vero Modero**LivGlam**Snowpaws**Deesses Skins
WHEN: Friday February 21, 2014 @ 3 PM SLT
---------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
The long awaited Style Icon Runway show will be kicking off on Friday February 21st, 2014 at 3 PM SLT. In preparation for this incredible runway show, designers such as Zibska, Vero Modero, LivGlam, Snowpaws, Deesses Skins and Legal Insanity have been working hard alongside their entire teams of models, coordinators and production cast to bring excellence on to the Second Life grid. Designers from across the world will come together to showcase their collections exclusive to the Style Icon event. You will be sure to be amazed and awed by the extraordinary designs from some of the most talented creators.

These illustrious designers looked for inspiration in their own style icons from the past to present. Those who have shaped their style and have influenced the designers to be the sort, that they are today.

The show will embody uniqueness while offering an array of fabrics, graphic prints, from the traditional classic long flowing gowns to the eclectic.

We invite you to experience Legal Insanity's Style Icon runway show which will be sure to bring your style icon from within.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

coldLogic Photo Contest

Shot on location at Small Town Green.

Glam Affair Sylvia Skin
Maxi Gossamer Necklace and Bracelet (available at Love is in the Air event)
Hair by Wasabi Pills
coldLogic Anniversary Gift 2014 Dress

For more information about contest:

This competition holds such a special place in my heart as it is a milestone for the start of my SL photography obsession and it was the first competition that I entered - albeit not winning~ but it showed my growth since then.

My entry in 2013: 


Monday, February 17, 2014

藏在眾多孤星之中, 還是找得到你

/me faints.

等不到你 成為我最閃亮的星星
投射給你 直到你那燦爛的光芒

當你沉靜 天空那條冰冷的銀河
當你想起 那道源自於我的光芒

一閃一閃亮晶晶 好像你的身體
藏在眾多孤星之中 還是找得到你
掛在天上放光明 反射我的孤寂
提醒我 我也只是一顆寂寞的星星

當你沉靜 天空那條冰冷的銀河
當你想起 那道源自於我的光芒

一閃一閃亮晶晶 好像你的身體
藏在眾多孤星之中 還是找得到你
掛在天上放光明 反射我的孤寂
提醒我 我也只是一顆寂寞的星星


一閃一閃亮晶晶 好像你的身體
藏在眾多孤星之中 還是找得到你
掛在天上放光明 反射我的過去
提醒我 我不再是一顆寂寞的星星

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Visionaries of VISIONAIRE by Prisilla S. Avro

The Visionaries of VISIONAIRE
by Prisilla S. Avro

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
- C.G. Jung

The new year often brings new adventures and new projects.  2014 in Second Life® is no different.  Nariko Okawa and WrenNoir Cerise, both well known and talented photographers in SL, have joined forces to create VISIONAIRE and the VISIONAIRE Institute.

When asked what inspired them to create VISIONAIRE Cerise replied “It all stemmed from a discussion with Nariko where we expressed how we felt rather ‘alone’ as professional photographers. There was no method that we knew of where professional photographers could come together and inspire one another, maybe share tips and information, and generally support one another.  Artists have always worked with other artists in RL (think of painters and writers and musicians who all frequent each other to keep their art fresh and exciting).  Artists and their art thrives on such connections.  It is not to duplicate, but rather to improve oneself and one’s vision.”

Okawa elaborated on Cerise’s thoughts. “We first came up with the idea of VISIONAIRE being a learning hub for and ran by photographers to give seminars and exchange photographic techniques with one another. We wanted an enriching creative environment and for photographers to gather and converse with one another, instead of working individually behind their computer screens and silently clicking on ‘Follow’ on Flickrs. Instead, we envision an active community where photographers learn new techniques and better processes to improve their work flow and interacting with people from different industries to keep their creative flow constantly overflowing with new ideas.”

Her comments naturally turned to VISIONAIRE Institute where she explained the difference in the two entities. “VISIONAIRE Institute was only born after the creation of the VISIONAIRE community. It is where new budding SL photographers can attend a certification course which spans about 3 months that is conducted by myself, WrenNoir Cerise and Melusina Parkin.”

Cerise continued, “VISIONAIRE Institute is what we want to give back to the community at large.  So many people want desperately to know to to take better photos in SL.  They may need them for contests, blogs, personal use, or maybe they want to be more creative or possibly start their own photography business.  They can gain this knowledge from watching YouTube videos or other tutorials.  But some people don’t learn best that way.  They need a person to guide them a little while, a group within which to ask questions, or need the push of a homework assignment to really stretch their wings.  In a group setting, you also get feedback which cannot be found in YouTube videos.  The feedback, of course, would be supportive and constructive.  Artists are pretty bad at thriving in an environment that is too tough or critical.”

Both Okawa and Cerise have interesting stories as to what brought them to SL and what keeps them here. Okawa remarked “I wanted to play God. I wanted to be in control of an avatar. And in turn, I was taught that the meaning of life and purpose has to be sought after both in SL and RL. I love the community it brings along with it that is always supportive.”  Cerise shared, “I was inspired by the limitless possibilities to explore artistic creativity.  Honestly.  I mean, make your own skin, shape, furniture, clothes, and crazy body parts?! That is totally awesome!  Sign me up!  I wanted to see what imagination, an artistic bent, and the exuberance of a meerkat pup could conjure up.  What keeps me here is the very same thing.  Every day I see the jaw-dropping creativity and talent that people have and I am constantly in awe.  Everyone here inspires me to push myself to be my very best.”

Their starts in SL photography are just as unique as they are.  Cerise shared her accidental beginning. “One day I managed to put together my avatar in a way that really pleased me (I think I might have had 2 hairs and 3 hats on, or something like that).  This was in the days before we had ‘Outfits’ that could be saved, so I wanted to remember what I had done and took a few photos trying to get one that would help me recreate the outfit later. The photo stirred something in me, but it didn’t fully take hold until I went shopping.  Yup, that’s right, shopping.  I went to Enzo Champagne’s Champagne! Sparkling Couture as I totally love impressive costumes.  He had a notice for his monthly photography contest and I thought:  “Well, I’m artistic and I just figured out how to take a photo.  I love his outfits and don’t have much money.  Winning his contest would get me a few of his things for free!”  So, I styled an outfit and submitted my photo.  You have no idea how shocked and surprised I was at winning that contest.  My first ever!  Enzo Champagne has no idea what he did for me and my confidence.  I was a nobody, yet he saw something in my photo.  I am forever grateful to him and I bet after all this time he probably does not remember me.  I don’t care.  He will always be the biggest initial push toward all my future photography endeavors and I am thankful to him every single day.”

Okawa’s beginning in SL photography was also centered around events inworld. “I think everyone from my era basically played with photography by taking snapshots of ourselves in our inventory – P.S. those images are horrendous! The turning point has got to be the creation of my Flickr account and putting my work out there for everyone to see and comment on. The involvement with two big events – Relay for Life in 2013 and the AVENUE A/W Fashion Week in 2013 gained a lot of support from both of the organizing parties and then I started my SL photography work professionally – eventually leaving my RL lecturing job to concentrate on other areas that needed attention in my life – eg. ENJOYMENT!”

Both women have had many accomplishments over their SL careers.  When asked to share some highlights, Cerise commented that being able to make an SL living off of her work was a thrill.  She went on to share that certain kinds of photo work really bring out the best in her, “… Magazine editorials, I was truly thrilled to be asked to be a photographer for several magazines … store ads … and photography contests that either I win or help others win.  All these things reinforce that what I produce has value and that alone makes me feel good!”

When responding to the same question, Okawa corrected it. “I have never seen my achievements as accomplishments, I saw them as milestones. There are many milestones in my career as an SL photographer – employed by some of the best magazines and featured in them is considered one; having my clients appear in my IMs telling me they want to be photographed by me because they appreciate my work is another; having designers come into my email and asking me to apply as their blogger is yet another, but the greatest milestone of all has got to be a certain RL publication recognizing my SL photography works as being works of art. There are too many milestones and I can only thank those who had been appreciative of the work I put out there in SL, and eventually in RL – thanks to Flickr! I am grateful for those who stood by my Flickr and waited for my next post on my blog and those who waited so patiently for their items to be photographed. I thank you all.”

As with all things there is always two sides to a coin.  When asked about the things they enjoy and dislike about SL photography Cerise honestly replied, “I like being able to express my creative side the absolute most!  What I like least is .. ugh!… asking for money for my work.  But I know I must do it or I will end up resenting the requests and then probably quit altogether. Then nobody wins. So, the business end is sucky for me.  I hope that the professional group of photographers in VISIONAIRE can help me with that!”  Okawa shared something she most enjoys about SL photography, “The ability to bring my ideas in RL to life. It takes a lot of organizing and coordination from many different departments of people in RL to bring a shoot to life. But in SL, I can sit and search for the exact make-up I want, the exact pose, the exact location and bring that imagery in my mind to life – without having to tell my RL make-up artist that her work sucked so bad because red-lips aren’t nude make-up.”  She goes on to share what she dislikes “There remains a lot to be discussed in how SL photography can improve because I am a SL photographer that depends heavily on the capabilities of my SL viewer, there are improvements that the SL viewer can definitely bring about – such as accurate algorithms to reflect and refract light from light sources and bounce light from objects.”

In closing both Okawa and Cerise have words of wisdom to those just commencing their journey as SL photographers.“Practice, Practice, Practice,” Okawa begins, “There is no other way out, just like Math. The more you practice the better you get. Keep abreast with the capabilities of your SL viewer and also always stimulate your creativity by imagining ‘what could it have been’, instead of copying ‘what had already been done’. We innovate, we don’t copy. We move forward, we don’t dwell in history. We learn from mistakes, we improve. We create the future. If Einstein hadn’t imagined a lot of things impossible, there won’t even be Quantum Physics. So your imagination is key.”

Cerise’s words echo those of her counterpart. “Keep practicing your art.  Look at the work of other photographers and artists.  Don’t copy as that is not genuine, but do search out inspiration in the work of others. Watch or read tutorials if you want to improve in a certain area.  Do it because you love it.  Art should not be a process like putting car parts together.  Good art requires thought, an open soul, and sometimes even a wee bit of luck at being in the right place at the right time.  Keep your eyes open!”

Both of these gifted photographers have much to share with those who wish to collaborate as well as learn and are very excited about the positive reactions VISIONAIRE has received thus far.   The first batch of Institute students have already been selected and classes have begun.  

Edit: Applications for the next round of VISIONAIRE Institute classes will open in March or April again.

Visit VISIONAIRE inword for notecards and to place yourself on the mailing list for future announcements:

Contact VISIONAIRE via email:

Friday, February 14, 2014


Private Helicopter:

“The Fantasy Angels Fair” that is pleased to present “The Angels has come down to Finesmith with Glitter” fashion show, event presented by Tyra Eiren as part of her project as Muse Finesmith Inspiration this year 2014.

Love is in the Air - 1


Shot on location at Small Town of Green

theSkinnery Bella skin
Gizza Ribbon Dress (available at Love is in the Air event)
Maxi Gossamer Sugar Heart Necklace (available at Love is in the Air event)
Maxi Gossamer Sugar Heart Ring (available at Love is in the Air event)
Boudoir A little Love Potion Wreath on head (available at Love is in the Air event)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Who Is Perfect?

For you to think deeper about perfection.
You, and you and you. You are gorgeous just that way you are.

Pursuit for Realism Part 2

Glam Affair Sylvia (available now at C88)
Hair by Tram

Part 1 here:

Super Elaborate Setup for LTD Meeting

Shot on location during Love To Decorate Meeting.
Shadows off because I was so busy taking notes that I didn't have time to play with my settings!

Setup by Editorial Clarity.
View Setup here:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Love is in the Air - Opening Soon

Information and private helicopter coming soon!

Pursuit for Realism

The endless pursuit for realism continues.

Client booking is open at the moment.
(warning, as people may already tell you: Nariko don't come cheap. But I promise the highest quality images possible to show off what your avatar or product are truly capable of.)

And the new Sylvia skin from Glam Affair by Aida Ewing is made into several different parts (lips, cheeks, brows, nose) for me to play around to make the perfect avatar that I want to be.

Glam Affair Sylvia Skin
Hair by Magika

Friday, February 7, 2014

Final Fantasy Festival - Opens Today

Final Fantasy Festival
7 Feb - 21 Feb 2014

Opens Today!

Private Helicopters:

Style Icon - Opens Today

Legal Insanity presents "The Style Icon" Fashion Fair
7 Feb - 28 Feb 2014

Your private Helicopter:

Event Publication:

Legal Insanity invites you to celebrate legendary style icons from the past to the present by visiting "The Style Icon" Fashion Fair.

We challenged Second Life's  most celebrated designers to create a collection inspired by those who have made a mark in their lives, who have inspired them and shaped their fashion style. Pick up exclusive items inspired by as diverse Style Icons as Vivienne Westwood, Jean Harlow, Sophia Loren & Jim Morrison all in one beautiful sim.

We look forward to showcasing and presenting these iconic pieces to you as worn by Second Life's very own fashion icons in two unique fashion shows to be held on the weekend of the 21st February 2014.

So, join us and indulge your own personal style by celebrating the icons that inspire us all!

Please keep up to date with "The Style Icon" Fashion Fair on : 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Style Icon - PaperBag

Shot on location at Small Town Green.

Paperbag. Velvet Skater Dress (available at Style Icon)
Paperbag. Silver Plated Belt (available at Style Icon)
Legal Insanity Sheldon Sunglasses
Dura Hair Boy&Girls 49
Pure Poison Beatrix Necklace
Bax Regency Boots
Mandala Taper Ears
Skin by The Skinnery

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Style Icon - Miamai

Shot on location at Kyoto.

Miamai Vali Shirt Indian Summer (available soon at Style Icon)
Miamai Vali Necklace (available soon at Style Icon)
Miamai Sarine White
Glam Affair Lucy Skin
Truth Jacqueline 2 Hair
fri. Maggie Heels (FLF)

Profile Pic Update

It has been a while since I updated my own profile pic as I updated everyone else's.
So, I guess its time. 

Oh, and bookings for March and April for photography services is now open.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Strawberry Singh's Meme - Black & White Portrait Challenge

Black and White Portrait Challenge

Before colour removal:

I Need A Trip!

Shot on location at Mad City.

Glam Affair Zara Skin
Tableau Vivant - Hill - Dreads series
Loordes of London The Metropolis top (available soon at Final Fantasy Fair)
Loordes of London Avseende Pants (available soon at Final Fantasy Fair)

Having Fun with WrenNoir

Shot on location

Stylecard on Me (Backfacing):
Pants by Gizza
Body Tattoo by Boss