Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fashion Pride 2014

Upcoming event where I will be participating in for the first time as a designer.
There is also a Fashion Show happening on March 15 at 10am SLT.
More information will be disclosed as I receive it to keep you guys posted!~

FASHION PRIDE Exclusive Release by 2PA. twopaperaeroplanes
for Fashion Pride Event 2014
(all proceeds will go to AIDS Committee of Toronto during the event)

FASHION PRIDE Second Pride Fashion Fundraiser for AIDS Committee of Toronto
March 10th – March 17th 2014

HIV and AIDS still impact the lives of millions throughout the world today. Its impact in urban areas is often understated publicly, but the effect it has on those it touches profound, transforming lives, destroying health, and devastating families.

Second Pride, the organization that creates Second Life’s largest pride celebration, is holding a fundraiser for AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), to raise funds to increase awareness of the disease, assist those living with HIV, and service the community, while researching its impact on various segments of society.

Fashion Pride is an exciting shopping event that will take place from March 10th through March 17th 2014. It will include fabulous shopping, fashion shows, entertainment and events to raise funds for both the Second Pride main festival in June and ACT.

Marcus Lefevre has generously donated the use of one sim for the Fashion Pride event. We are grateful for his generosity.

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