Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Shot on Location

Shot on Location @ Autumn Dreams Cottage

On Her:
GIZZA GeekChic Style
GIZZA Mesh Clutch Bag
DURA Boys&Girls 40

On Him:
ISON Embossed Sweatshirt for Men
DURA Boy 26
Hoorenbeek Moody Sunglasses
Skin by Nivaro
At Location:
[Poetica] Oak Cottage
[AF] FACETT Dining Table
{af} Hans A. Wegner Inspired Wishbone {Mist}
[AF] VOGUE Frame
{af} O. Vermaercke Sideboard

On Tables:
MudHoney Priya Plates
MudHoney Priya Rock Placemat
MudHoney Silver Candle Large
MudHoney Creamy Caramel Pumpkin Candle
MudHoney Priya Serving Bowls
Dutchie candle 3
[AG] Flat Ivy Patch Light Green COPY
[AG] Yellow Roses with Realistic-sized Baby's Breath
The Loft - Twig Vase
The Loft - Television
.:: ONE GRID ::. Mesh Candle in Jar Red