Tuesday, December 17, 2013


After months of planning, VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE proudly announces her course for SL Photography Certification specially crafted for beginner-to-intermediate level SL photography enthusiasts. 

Application procedures and course details will be posted up really soon
Classes to start in 2014.
Keep a close look out!

Special shout-outs to designers at Fanatik, my Wren and Silly for being on skype with me for hours on end, to 'Aboobies' for letting me dance in SL while frantically planning the curriculum, to Pastilla for teaching me how to make my mesh logo, Applefall, My Loft and 22769 for furnishings, to You Xiao for your wonderful scripting and to those who have been waiting for so long for this to happen!

Holiday Greetings from the VISIONAIRE Team,
Nariko Okawa | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
WrenNoir Cerise | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN 
Silly Avro | VISIONAIRE Institute | MANAGER