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VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE is the SL pioneer in providing SL Photography Certification, and we dare say that our curriculum is like none other. Classes will be taught by successful, practicing SL photographers who are happy and willing to share their skills and knowledge with you that they had accumulated throughout their photography career in SL and RL.

Classes are conducted in voice in ENGLISH using Skype and will be held once a week throughout 3 months at various times to hopefully suit everyone's schedules. Each class will take approximately 1.5-2 hours. Please ensure you are able to commit throughout the whole period of your course.

You will learn more than the following through 10 lessons including a Final Project that trainees need to pass to graduate:
+ Photographer : Who What When How

+ Graphics and Camera Settings
+ Lighting Techniques
+ Picture Editing
+ SL Photography Assignments
+ SL Photography as a Business
+ Personal Style
(A detailed curriculum will be communicated via contact email to successful applicants)

These classes are ideal for people who want to start out being a SL photographer, bloggers who maybe want to take better looking pictures of the designers they blog for, artists, and basically anyone who wishes to simply just take better photos for themselves. We hope to transform you into a better photographer both in SL and RL and the curriculum is specially crafted to target your RL applicability in taking photographs in general. And we will want to see our graduates as highly qualified new blood in the SL photography scene.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN and do visit to find out more about how you can apply. 


Included as a requirement for your application is an aptitude exercise to help us successfully place trainees into groups with similar abilities so that instruction is most effective. Groups will consist of no more than 7 trainees of varying, but complimentary, abilities so that students are not only able to learn from their instructors, but one another. There will be more than one group per batch to accommodate different time zones.

As much as we hope to accept everyone, we sincerely apologize in advance that we will not be able to accommodate all applicants at the onset. We will keep all applications on file and make those not accepted into the first batch aware of when subsequent batches are to begin. 

The course will be offered at a special introductory price of L$10,000. 
No priority is given based on the date of application and no payment is required until you have been accepted into VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE.

After submitting your application to VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE, no amendments are allowed to be made. Please do check that the information you have entered in the form is accurate and correct.

Once again, the VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE team thank you for your interest in VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE. Further inquiries can be directed to this email address:

Pioneer batch of VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE, see you in class!

Nariko Okawa | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
WrenNoir Cerise | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
Silly Avro | VISIONAIRE Institute | MANAGER

Melusina Parkin | VISIONAIRE Institute | TRAINER