Friday, December 20, 2013

Raw Image

To dispel any uncertainties that may have been caused by a Facebook post, this is a RAW pic, taken on location at the Neva River Sim, only a simple crop (aspect ratio remains) and a addition of my credit title. Using a self-created Windlight to bring out the whites, graphic settings on Ultra-High, LOD Vol factor at 10, DOF disabled. Nothing was touched, no overlay of filters, no editing, no liquifying, no brushes applied, no lumipro. 

I hope it answers Ms. Kingmaker's queries about how an Ultra-High quality image from SL official viewer can look like. I wish to also address the issue about Photoshop editing VS. raw pictures straight out of SL viewers. I take pictures on location. So to me, the inverse relationship between the time spent on getting a good raw pic VS. the time spent in photoshop trying to edit out your mistakes is hugely apparent. Many a times, I spend hours on end finding just the right location, and then fixing the right windlight to bring out the right shadows to highlight both the face and the outfit and attachments I am wearing. But for other photographers, shooting in front of a screen is a preferred method. I am not saying whichever method of photoshoot is better off - it is ultimately a personal preference. I just don't like to spend lots of hours in Photoshop cos I suck at it. =P To me, a better raw pic I can get initially means lesser time in photoshop and sometimes, you don't even need to know how to use it to get a picture that you are truly satisfied with. There used to be a time where there are gross black lines when we shoot at high resolutions, having that solved now, raw pics can look just as amazing as fresh out of Photoshop.

Having said that, I've admired photographers who use Photoshop extensively and please teach me how to! I want to learn! Teach me! You know who you are cos I have told you guys before you are my SL photographer idols!

Oh, and sorry Bootney Blessed for interrupting your shoot at the sim!


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