Thursday, December 26, 2013



VISIONAIRE INSTITUTE opens its doors for you to come visit its campus and classrooms. In it, you will find the classrooms that students of VISIONAIRE Institute will have their lessons in, a main hall for huge presentations, a long runway for you to walk on, 2 inexpensive studios that will be introduced to the students to teach them how they can take their photographs without buying studios, a bus-stop with application procedures NC, a subscribo for you to subscribe to so that you can be informed of subsequent application periods and also featuring artworks of French illustrator Garance Dore.

A lot of people have been asking about the course details. We sincerely apologise that we can only reveal the course details to successful applicants who are going to start the Certificate of SL Photography course in the coming batch in Jan 2014. However, application entails no payment whatsoever so do apply and we will inform you of the result as soon as we can after the application closes. Course fees are reduced at an introductory rate, so if you are having the passion to take your photography skills to the next level both in SL and RL, apply away!

Application is now open until 10 January 2014, read about it here:

Application procedures can be found at the bus-stop at the above landmark, or here:

From the VISIONAIRE Institute Team,
Nariko Okawa | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
WrenNoir Cerise | VISIONAIRE Institute | DEAN
Silly Avro | VISIONAIRE Institute | MANAGER

Melusina Parkin | VISIONAIRE Institute | TRAINER