Friday, January 3, 2014



I always remember Faizah being the colleague banished near the office pantry sink (albeit having a small stash of pantry goodies hidden in her own cupboard). Thank you for moving to being my neighbour and allowing this wonderful friendship to blossom; for accepting me with all my flaws and all my eccentric antics coupled with angst, weird sense of humour and dirty jokes. I will always reminisce the days during which we squealed at any new bags bought within our 5m radius - from the Loewe Arizona to my Balenciaga, never failing to pick them up close to our nose to sniff the aroma of fresh leather, touching them softly as we admire their leather creases. I will never forget stacking up tonnes and tonnes to titbits to tide us through long working hours and boring as hell meetings. Oh, how can we not talk about our 'netball thigh exercises' to tone up our flabby thighs from sitting at our workstations for hours on end, whilst eating chocolates, biscuits and other yummy goodies. Thank you for always being around when everyone else does not understand my point of view (of course, now I know my POV is somewhat difficult to swallow, but hey, the truth is the truth, regardless of how hard they are to swallow). Always, till the day I signed my resignation, thank you!!!!!!

And today, it is your wedding day. I can only wish that it will forever be blessed with many wonderful happenings (lest singing and dancing!) that will come with it. The holy communion of two kindled souls is, in 6 hours' time, going to witness the vow of marriage. I am honoured to be able to accompany you through this journey as you walk down the aisle into your new reborn life. You are finally going to be someone's wife! (Hopefully a mum soon too!) So, please kick you habit of hoarding (cue 1524 ping-pong balls in a box under her desk kept without her touching them for maybe.......... say 2 years?). But who am I to tell you that when I am a hoarder myself!

No one said married life is going to be easy, damn, they don't even teach us that in schools! But at least when you hit a wall, Sue, Rai and myself will always be around close-by to push your head into the wall until it bleeds and hopefully, a ray of light will appear. We will share your joy and laughs, your woes and tears. So, with an army of friends behind you, you have nothing to worry - well, except for a bulging tummy - that one, Marie France Bodyline may be your lifebuoy.

Happy Wedding Day Faizah!

With lots of love and pretty bags and ferragamo shoes.............................