Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Inside Chanel - The Lion

The lion is majestic.
One can admire it, fear it, chase it, conquer it.
Gabrielle Chanel decides to tame it.
The lion is "Koko", born August 5th under the fifth sign of the zodiac.
The two numbers would become her good luck charm,
the lion would be her constellation.
The lion is a personality -
audacious, instinctive, passionate, radiant.
"I'm a Leo and, like him,
I show my claws to protect myself." Mademoiselle declared,
"... but believe me I suffer more by clawing than being clawed," she added.
The lion is an emblem.
All her life Gabrielle Chanel kept a small statue of the "King of Animals"
beside her cigarettes and her scissors,
and engraved it upon the buttons of her tweed suits.
The lion is an inspiration.
A favourite subject of CHANEL jewelry,
it roars from necklaces, pendants and brooches
as if to protect the secrets of Mademoiselle
and watch over her for all eternity.

The lion is the spirit of CHANEL.
And is eventually the spirit of Nariko Okawa.

View the actual video here: 

And so this will be my emblem to represent the Leo I am, in Secondlife.

Nariko Okawa is born August 5th, 2006 in Secondlife.