Friday, January 17, 2014


Announcing the IOTW for Week 3 - TAIL!


IOTW - "Item Of The Week" allows you to be engaged in creative styling. Headed by Silly Avro, we realised that most model castings or competitions now are often characterised by styling backwards - what does it mean? A theme is given and models are required to style to that exact theme - the end styled theme always looks the same. If they ask for Avant Garde, models hunt down avant garde items. If the theme is Romantic Weddings, I can bet you will see gowns and gowns of white fluffy things down the runway. 

IOTW is going to break that tradition. 

IOTW randomly names an item for the week, and allows everyone on the grid to style anything around the main item, anyway you want. It opens up your creative process and makes you think how you will want to use that particular item. 

For Week Three, the item is TAIL

Style a look with a tail (or more!) in the stylecard, any look you want. Style a look that you find fun, engaging and inspiring. There is no limitations to what you can create. The only limit is where your creativity will bring you. Take a picture, and simply post it into our Flickr Group : . You can style as many looks as you like, or even skip a week or two. No prizes. No regulations. No judges. Just created for your own pure styling fun, and come on, who doesn't want to dig out that tail that you had got from a gacha 5 months ago and create a whole new look with it, right? Designers, if you like, you can also create outfits and items surrounding our IOTW item as well~ Or even give them out as your month's or week's group gift. So that customers can walk in to your store to style a whole look with it.

1. Join the IOTW Flickr Group here:

2. Rename your photograph title as : "IOTW - [item] - [name]"

3. You may include a description of your styling process, link it to your own blog for your stylecard, or simply provide a quote or something. Hell, even make a video of it if you like. We want to inspire you to style the most outrageous looks.

4. You are done!

Read about it from Silly's blog too!

Nariko Okawa & Silly Avro